We Have a Winner…

Congrats to band member Bijou Basil for winning second prize in the 2014 Humans Win! Demo Competition! B’s solo music is some truly inspiring stuff – ‘Dreaming An Iceland For You’ is a personal favorite of mine:

Go to bijoubasil.bandcamp.com to hear more. Note that she just completed writing and recording a mind-blowing 14 songs in February…

Also, check out humanswin.com and learn about producer/engineer Lance Conrad’s amazing work. Some of Minnesota’s best bands/artists are making music at Humans Win: Carroll, Van Stee, Caroline Smith & the Goodnight Sleeps, Haley Bonar, Chris Koza … to name a few. Some of the tracking for our upcoming EP was done at Humans Win! – loved every minute of it. Here are some pics from one of the sessions:


Bijou tracking acoustic guitar for ‘Fin’


Eben Knauss on percussion

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