Final EP Tracking

We’re getting close now.  A week ago session musician Dan Lawonn (Jeremy Messersmith, Soul Asylum) recorded cello at Echo Boys to put the finishing touches on our track ‘Fin.’  Unbelievably beautiful – we couldn’t be happier.  Big thanks to Tyler Tholl at Echo Boys for suggesting this musical touch, arranging the part, and coordinating with Dan to get it recorded.

What’s more, George is finally going to get a chance to record his ukelele parts for ‘I Have a Secret…’ and ‘Sad Sack at a Sing Along.’  He’ll be doing recording at Humans Win! on Monday.

Once, that’s done we’ll be finished tracking for the EP.  We should have final mixes in our hands by this time next week – then it’s time to get it all mastered.  Giddy with excitement!
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