EP’s Out. No Shows?

After months of writing, rehearsing, recording, discussing, tweaking and re-tweaking  the five tracks of the new ‘A Thousand Shining Sparks’ EP, it’s now streamable and available for download on our bandcamp page.


Why no release show?  We’ve never actually played a live show together as a band.  We’ve played plenty, but always in the practice space with the knowledge that Winter was indeed coming.


It began on a bright note for the band with the birth of Xavier Quijano on January 1.   He (probably) meant no harm by it, but Xavier’s arrival left us sadly drummer-less.  The deep freeze set in less than a week later when our keyboardist, Matt Polski, left on a seven-month sojourn to Finland.  That guitarist/synthesist/ukelele-er George Brisse simultaneously started the most intense semester of his doctoral program and would have no time for merry-making, was the bitter wind that chilled our bones and frostbit our tender tucheses.


Of course, it was the knowing that all this was coming that motivated us to get into the studio beforehand and record the songs for the EP.  We’re proud of how it turned out and have been excited to share it with you all.  If you’ve taken the time to listen to the EP, thank you.




‘A Winter Emo Moment.’  Find this and more of Matt’s Finland fun at saunasarehot.wordpress.com


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